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November 2014 Newsletter

November Food and Litter Fundraiser

Magnificent Mutts has many cats and dogs in the rescue at this time and we need help with supplies. At this point we need food for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. We are also running dangerously low in the cat litter department. We appreciate any and all donations and will be accepting them at the Petco in Hillside. Monetary donations are also being accepted through our website. Thank you for your support!

Holiday Wine

Magnificent Mutts & Meows Holiday Wine

Magnificent Mutts & Meows Wine are ready for orders!

$15 per bottle for Mutts or Meows Logo

$25.00 per bottle for custom order with your photo of your pet!

Choose from Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet or Pinot Grigio.

Proceeds go to Magnificent Mutts Rescue to help feed, vet and rescue pets!

Please email your order to Heather at

And don't forget to send her your pet's picture if you're ordering custom bottles.

Thank you for your continued support!

Volunteer of the Month!

Meet Heather! She is one of the masterminds behind our fundraising efforts at Magnificent Mutts. Check out the website to learn more about our volunteer of the month!

Is Your Family Ready for a Pet?

Rescue is amazing. We help animals that would not have a chance at any life otherwise. We know we cannot save them all, but we will try to save as many as we can. However, nobody in rescue wants to see a pet put in the wrong home. The reason vet checks and references are made is to help to protect the animals. On the rescue side, we do what we can to place pets in the best homes. On the other side of the coin, adopters need to be honest with themselves and their families about what they can handle. The two key questions to ask yourself are: 1.) Can we afford a pet even if we have a change in life circumstances, and 2.) Do we have the time required for a pet?

First of all, pet costs can be extensive. Of course, there are ways to cut costs, but unexpected vet bills can cut into budgets extremely quickly, especially if something goes wrong. Plus, as pets get older they may need more medications, more vet office visits, and possibly prescription food. As long as you can be honest with yourself about your financial situation, your family should be able to afford your pet long into their senior years.

Secondly, time is not on your side when it comes to taking care of a pet. Dogs are, by far, the most time consuming of the house pets. My 14 year old dog still requires walks in the morning, play time, feedings, more vet appointments, and a car ride for fun is always good too. I also have to come home from work everyday at lunch to let her out due to her bladder issues as she has gotten older. So if you are not willing to take properly care of a dog or do not have the kind of life that lets you be flexible, then a dog is not for you. I actually have different people that dog-sit for me.

Cats are a better option for many people with schedules that are full. Come on! They go to the bathroom in the house and you don’t get mad! They can be left for the weekend alone if you have a weekend trip planned! Birds, hamsters, and other small rodents also make for good house pets for families that are strapped for time.

Somebody I know recently adopted a pit bull puppy (can anybody say bundle of energy?) that they ended up returning because they realized that no one in the family had time to take care of and to train this puppy. In the end, they did the right thing for them and the puppy, which sometimes is the hardest part of being a responsible pet owner.

Opinion piece by Jo Braford

For more information about finding new pets please check out the Pet Education tab in our website


We are a group of dedicated volunteers who provide love, hope, and a safe sanctuary to animals in need. Some of our volunteers transport, foster, feed, and train our rescued animals. Other volunteers help with organizing adoption events, paperwork, fundraising, creating flyers and various other marketing media to promote our organization. If you are interested in volunteering for Magnificent Mutts please visit our volunteer page.


Donating to Magnificent Mutts

There are several ways you can donate and help the animals of Magnificent Mutts. Some are monetary, but others may not. Remember, Magnificent Mutts is an all volunteer non-profit organization. We wouldn't be able to help all the animals we do without the support and kindness of people like you!

Donate via Animal Rescue Aid

To donate please visit "Donate Now" below and enter "Magnificent Mutts" in the shelter/rescue group field.

Donations Page

Are You Ready to Adopt?

Adopting a dog or cat is a big commitment. We want to make sure our dogs and cats go to their forever homes and never have to look back. Please read the questions on our Adoption page and answer them honestly. These questions are designed to help you truly understand the commitment you are making to adopt a dog/cat.