Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to send along another update on Kaylie (or Bailey as I’m now calling her after some deep conversations with my girlfriend 🙂 ). She’s continuing to put on weight and hair grows in- her tail’s top is pretty barren, but a lot of hair on her legs has grown back in.

She’s gotten more social, and does especially well when we have to go out to some place new. She’s in fact way more comfortable meeting people outside of her house than at it.

Bailey’s decided her new favorite spot is on top of her crate- she likes heights in general. So I’ve set up a second bed on top of it since it’s a little easier to get at her and pick her up when she’s being crabby about going for a walk.

Started seeing a trainer with her last week- it’s clear I’m the one who needs most of the training. She’s great at ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ when someone who knows how to manage treats asks her to.