Meet Yvonne Ostby



1.  Do you have any special plans for Christmas or New Year’s Eve this year

I am not planning on going out this year except for a Christmas Day dinner at my Niece’s in St Charles.  I like to stay in around New Years and let the crazies take over. Just love to spend a quiet evening snuggling with my pups.

2. Why is helping animals important to you?

I believe homeless cats and dogs got a rotten deal in this world.   They are homeless because their owners have failed them.  They don’t deserve being in the situation they are in and I feel it is important to fix what is broken and get them in loving homes.

3. Why would you tell somebody that they should adopt a pet?

I would tell someone that by adopting a pet saves not only that one life but the life of another  animal.  Shelters have limited space and when a kennel is freed another animal can move in and get a chance to be adopted.    If no space, shelter animals are euthanized.  With rescue organizations, adopting a pet would open a foster home allowing another animal to be fostered and adopted.    Also, I would tell them a shelter animal is killed every 1.5 seconds in the United States because people are not fostering and adopting the homeless animals. .

4. Are you a dog or a cat person?

I love all animals but allergic to cats.  So I am a dog person.

5. What do you do as a volunteer for Magnificent Mutts Rescue?

I take into my home and mostly foster a dog but lately, puppies. I also occasionally transport in Illinois for Magnificent Mutts and numerous transport agencies.

6. What do you do for work?

I haven’t worked since retirement in 2011. I fill my days by caring and entertaining my pets and keeping them happy and healthy.

7. What your philosophy on life?

I found no matter how many plans you make or how much control you are, life is always winging it.