Duke formerly Jay

On Father’s Day this year I lost my best friend Lucky to a brain tumor.  I wanted to wait for a period of time to grieve for him but when I looked around the house I notice how empty it seemed not having a dog.  I kept telling myself wait you’ll find another one that will fill the void but not replace the one dog that I loved so much.  Well I was scrolling through my Facebook and came acrossed a beautiful Greman Shepherd that Linda had just posted.  She said it would be in on August 19th so I decided to take a look at him, plus foster him to see if it would work.  It was a ruff start.  He peed on my carpet, growled at my husband but only at night and I wanted to give up with in the first week.  Oh and I forgot the most important part he wouldn’t eat, so I started feeding him a raw diet which he eat like crazy.  He finally decided he was going to eat the kibble that I initially bought and now he is doing great.  He’s gaining weight slowly but it will take time to put the weight on that he needs without making him fat.  I love him to pieces and he is doing a lot better with my husband.  He’s a great dog, thank you Magnificent Mutts and all your volunteers for all you do.