As a part of the Mag Mutts Garage Sale this year, we are auctioning off this 1960’s model harmony electric arch top guitar that has been custom

painted for the mutts. The guitar comes with a real guitar stand and also has LED rope lights inside to add a cool glow to any room. The auction will

end Saturday March 5th at 6pm CST. The sides of the guitar feature song lyrics that have “dog” in them. To coincide with this guitar, please check out

the eight puppies that came in yesterday and are available for adoption- Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Ibanez, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Taylor, and


Check out our facebook page for the Magnificent Mutts Garage Sale for more information about the Guitar Auction:


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See our dog/pet lists to see the puppies when they arrive.  Till then, here are some teaser pics.


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boxer_mix_pup boxer_mix_pup2