Hutch Update (4+ Months later):

* LOVES Walks

* LOVES Belly Rubbed

* Has a basket full of toys, but his favorites are: Kong “Wubba”, Frozen “Moosie” and “Olfie”, (stinky) Hooves, Kong (Classic Toy, Red w/treats), and (deer) Antlers

* LOVES Naps with Mommy

* LOVES Fetch

* LOVES Being Brushed (really shedding lately)

* LOVES Treats (Minties, Chicken Jerkies, Natural Balance “Sweet Potato and Chicken”) ,…

* LOVES talking back/sassing/very vocal during play time, in a Fun way… He’s a little stubborn (like his Mom), but, I provoke it (in a FUN way), until he’s tired and goes “sleepy”

* LOVES “Hopping”, Skipping and Jumping…. when I let him out, before he runs and looks for squirrels

* Has the The Prettiest “White” Teeth

* LOVES his neck scratched

* LOVES Ice Cubes

* He LOVES his doggy “Blankety” from Kohl s

* I/we LOVE that he is SO Beautiful, and has such AMAZING markings/coat (seems to be shedding more lately, and I vacuum everyday),… not a problem, no complaints…

* LOVES “Natural Balance” Sweet Potato and Chicken (LIB)

There are SO Many other JOYS that our Baby Boy Brings!!!!
(So far) He Does NOT Like:

* His nails being cut (by me), so I/we take him to the Vet for that, but he’s not happy with me afterwards


* Been working on it, but I/we probably need to sign him up for obedience training
*** Elaine Marin, don’t know Starsky, but did you rescue/adopt him? If so, we should meet up one day, and let them reunite!!! Hutch is truly an AMAZING and PHENOMENAL Pup (just like Starsky). It would be so much FUN to see if they remember each other… I’m sure they will (it’s only been 4 months…).
WE are so HAPPY we found each other. LOVE him SO Much!!!!




Other than that, he’s is truly a BLESSING… (My first rescue, and what a GREAT experience!). Thank you Magnificent Mutts Rescue for ALL that you DO!!!