Hi Annie,

Joe has been such an amazing addition to our family and has brought us so much joy in the short time he has been with us. He is the sweetest little guy who loves and is loved by everyone. He continues to enjoy new city experiences and has adapted so well to everything. He loves walks along the beach and goes crazy in the sand but stays away from the water. Last weekend on our way back from our lake front walk we stopped to have brunch at Cafe Brauer which is dog friendly and Joe enjoyed having bits of eggs, avocado, arugula and tomatoes. He loves vegetables and fruit…especially blueberries. He is very well behaved when we take him to outdoor cafes and sits nicely waiting for his treats.

He had his first shopping experience at Neiman Marcus and the sales person brought him water and treats to the fitting room. He adapts so well in every situation and has such a cute personality that people are drawn to him.



Thank you again for this precious little guy.


Maggie Ekman