To read Kelly’s whole story and updates, please see Underdogs (Kellar), Happy Tails Feb 2011, Feb 2013, and Feb 2014

Along with updating you on our beautiful blind GSD, Kelly, we want to reassure anyone considering adopting a blind dog, how wonderful it is! All it takes is a little extra guidance or “sight” command training to keep your blind dog safe. Kelly can be taught the layout of a new room by leashing her and allowing her to sniff the perimeter and items in the room. Her mapping abilities are simply amazing!

When Kelly is on her own, you can guide her with right, left, slow, stop, step-up commands. Most importantly, she does 99% of this on her own! Kelly is 100% GSD and does everything any other shep would. She plays ball, carries (& shakes!) stuffed animals, goes for long walks (leashed of-course!), loves to go for drives in the truck, and “speaks” when she wants something!

Photos: Kelly is ready for winter with her tactical vest. CO snow is perfect for her as she is a snow dog! She also likes to keep an eye on her stuffed animal pack and nap with them!

Kelly is the love of our life and we thank MagMutts everyday for rescuing her for us!


kelly-tactical-vest   kelly-toy-box