Hi there,

My mom, Mary Jane Koch, adopted an adult terrier mix named Mitzi from you about 2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that my mother passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. I brought Mitzi home to live with me and my pack of rescue dogs in Oregon. She has adjusted wonderfully to her new life and bosses all the big dogs around. And she’s a champion fetcher.

I’m curious if anyone there has any info on her. I am very active in Great Pyrenees (and some GSD) rescue and have fostered hundreds of dogs over the years. I’m unsure of Mitzi’s age (nothing new, I know) and history. I believe I heard she had had a litter of puppies, but not certain. Just curious as any info would help me to understand her better. Two of my dogs are therapy dogs and I’ve got a 3rd in training. All my dogs have crazy, sad stories but it makes them who they are to me and now it’s all happiness.

Attaching pics, starting with us on our way to O’Hare to start our new adventure, to meeting all the new dogs and my son. Only needed the crate a few days and all was good. Mitzi is the first dog I’ve ever owned under 80 pounds.

mitzi2-797917 mitzi3-701621 mitzi5-704054