Molly May

We had just lost our little Sallie Girl about a month prior and her little sister Emmie was clearly missing her and missing someone to play with. Sallie was 12 and Emmie is 9. We knew we had room in our hearts and lives to add to our family and, like some kind of miracle, Molly May appeared on the website I checked every day! We moved forward as quickly as possible and, within a week, and following many emails and conversations with Molly’s foster parents, we were on our way to Ben & Deb’s to meet Molly. The rest is history and that was six months ago. we love her SO much and she is part of our family forever. Even Emmie loves her sister Molly!

Thanks Magnificient Mutts and Ben and Deb for helping us add so much love to our lives!

Bob & Colleen Glass

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