Hi Karen,

I just wanted to thank you and Magnificent Mutts (and all of your wonderful volunteers) for working with me until I was able to adopt Cucusa (now Stella). I love, love, love her and so do her new sisters (both Border Collies) Holly and Ivy. She became one of the girls almost immediately. She and her new sisters wrestle and chase each other and she does not let her tiny stature hold her back at all.

As you know, part of the reason we fell in love with her (initially), was because she looks so much like my daughter’s Border Collie, Daisy. Well, it seems we are not the only ones who think this because the first time I took her to our vet he asked if I had found any mini sheep for her to herd because she looks just like a teeny tiny Border Collie.

Thank you again for Stella and for everything your group does to save lots of animals and bring so much joy into the lives of the families who adopt them!


From phone 5 28 14 055-780314