Hi Annie,
I sent you a couple of pictures of Subway…now Joe Louis (looks like a boxer and we are ex-Detroiters…hence the name).
He is doing amazing. I can’t believe how easily he transitioned into our home. He is just the sweetest little guy. He is such a love and has been very good with our older pug…pretty much they sniff each other but no other real interaction. My son comes over and has brought his cat and they love to chase each other around the apartment. Joe is fascinated with everything when we go on walks. He wants to say hi to everyone and looks inside all the stores. All the stores here are dog friendly so we occasionally go inside. They all have dog treats of course.  I really do not have to crate him. He doe not get into trouble when we leave. I set it up but he is not interested in going in…my older pug however does..and she is blind! So funny.
He is a real joy and seems very happy. I will keep you updated with pics.
Thank you for this precious little guy!
joe_louis_2 joe_louis_1