Sunni aka Tappi

Hi Karen,

I wanted to email you to let you know how Tappi (now Sunni) is doing. We decided to give her a new name with her fresh start. Shes such a bright little ray of sunshine that we felt Sunni was the best name for her. 🙂

She was VERY shy at 1st…extremely scared of all of us. She stayed on my kitchen rug for the 2 days and only moved when I took her outside to potty. Yesterday she really started to make a turn for the better. Getting excited to be fed, walking around to check out the living room, walking up to me to get a treat. We also put up a crate up for her since you said she was used to that at your home. She took to it right away, putting all her toys and dish in her little home.

This morning she walked to the stairs to say good bye to me when I left for work and let me pet her without turning away. Shes a such a sweetheart, we just love her.

Thank you so much for fostering this little girl.

tappi now sunny2-749378 tappi now sunny3-754245