Clover is a feisty 1 year old female Yorkshire Terrier. She found herself in a cage at a kill shelter. Alone and scared, she also favored her hind leg. When examined more closely, it was discovered Clover could not put any weight on her hind leg. The shelter quickly approached a rescue to take her and get her the medical attention she deserves. It turned out Clover has a luxtating patella, which is quite common in small dogs, but hers is more severe than most and requires surgery. The cost of surgery for this little ball of energy is $1700. We are asking anyone who could help, even a few dollars, to please donate to Clover’s surgery and recovery fund. We want to give Clover the best quality of life that we can, and she deserves it! Clover appreciates any donation and will shower you with her sweet kisses!


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