The volunteers at Magnificent Mutts & Meows are once again reaching beyond local borders to help pets in need of care and comfort.

Hurricane Harvey affected thousands of pets who were left homeless in its devastating aftermath and these animals now need places to call home while their human companions rebuild their houses, businesses, and lives.




Over 30 dogs and 15 cats were flown in to Waukegan airport this Labor Day where a group of volunteers were on hand to unload and transport them to waiting foster homes and our organization has also collected much-needed pet supplies.




In working with partners like The Humane Society of the United States,, and Wings of Rescue, Magnificent Mutts & Meows was able to move animals currently residing in shelters to make room for pets arriving from areas devastated by flood waters and storm damage.

Monetary donations are needed to help pay for veterinary and care costs.

If you are interested in adopting one of the Harvey rescues please visit our website.

See some of the local news on all of our work to help after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey: