1. We need more foster homes! Why should I foster? There are so many benefits.

Fostering a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). Fostering is not a lifetime commitment, it’s a commitment to saving a life.

A foster home provides a needy pet with a safe, temporary place of refuge until he/she is ultimately finds a permanent home. There are many benefits to fostering, many pleasant surprises, and many rewards. Foster parents describe it as one of the most memorable and gratifying experiences of their lives.

Fostering increases chances of a rescue being adopted. The foster homes help socialize, train and understand the pet’s personality so it can be placed in the best fur-ever home possible.

2. We need volunteers for the Run4Paws 5K Committee – our biggest fundraising event!

Becoming a committee member will not only make the event even bigger, it will allow you a be part of something that is designed to bring much needed cash flow to our rescue.

Organizing the Run4Paws 5K is only the start of what we do. A lot goes in to ensuring that this event runs as smoothly as possible.

When you see all kinds of dogs and their owners gather together for a great cause…
When you see the dogs cross the finish line with people cheering them on..
When you feel proud to know that you were the one to make it all possible…

…YOU will know why YOU volunteered in the first place: To help create an event that encourages people to get involved for a great cause and have some fun doing it.

Ready to volunteer? Email us for more information.

3. We need a Cat Coordinator! Why should I apply?

Do you love cats? Have some free time? Want to help save lives?

If this sounds interesting to you, apply to be a Cat Coordinator and help run a store location.

Ready to make a difference? Contact Linda for details.


4. We need an intake facility.

We are looking for some land or a building for an intake facility. Having an intake facility will greatly help our ability to save more pets. Do you know anyone willing to donate?

Email us for more information.