Meet Peggy Scully!



1. What fur babies do you currently have?

I currently have 3 Shelties (Breaker, Maxie and Sassy) and 3 cats (Betty Boop, Elvira and DeDe). Yes, I am a foster failure – 3 times! I currently have 3 foster kittens, who are loaded with energy and adorable!

2. Why is helping animals important to you?

I think all animals deserve to have a happy and loving home. They give so much love back!

3. Why would you tell somebody that they should adopt a pet?

There are so many homeless pets in shelters, it just breaks my heart. I read somewhere that 95% of the cats/kittens in shelters end up getting put to sleep. That’s when I started fostering cats/kittens on a regular basis. Nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect home for one of your fosters.

4. Are you a dog or a cat person? Why do you think that you like one over the other?

I was always a dog person until I started working at Petco and spent my breaks visiting the cats that were up for adoption in the cubes at the store. I love my dogs and cats but I think the cats are easier to take care of.

5. What do you do specifically as a volunteer for Magnificent Mutts Rescue? For example, if you help with the cats, do you help adoptions, transporting, cleaning, fostering?

I foster cats, transport them to the vet when needed and also help with adoptions during the week as needed.

6. What do you do for work and play outside of being one of our fantastic volunteers?

After working at Walgreens for 39 years, I kind of retired. I currently work as a receptionist 3 days a week at Devries Animal Hospital in Elmhurst and also work 3 days a week in various stores for Hallmark. I enjoyed going to dog shows when my friends are entered. I’m going to the National Shetland Sheepdog Show in Reno for a week in April. I look forward to it every year.

7. What is one of your favorite movies or books?

I enjoy the Hunger Game movies but I think my favorite is Somewhere in Time.