Volunteer of the Month, May 2015 — Megan Latelle


1 – What was the last good movie you watched or book you read?

Furious 7

2 – If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?


3 – Why is helping animals important to you?

I feel a pet is not just an addition to your house, but an addition to your family! I grew up with dogs in my family and I do not feel my home would be the same if I didn’t have a wagging tail meet me at the door when I arrived. As good hearted people we have instinct to help each other, and many times we could help ourselves, but it always easier to endure if we have a friend along the way. The animals we rescue did not ask for the life they were given and are unable to help themselves, so why would you not be their “friend” while they conquer unfortunate or desperate times. I believe animals have personalities and feelings as we do, and they acknowledge our help and forever are grateful which allows them to pay it forward to their next “ friend” i.e. forever home.

4 – What is the best advice that you would give a new pet owner?

A dog is only as good as their trainer. If you do not train the habits you want instilled, a pet can not know the desired behavior.

5 – What is your favorite sport to play or your favorite sport to watch?

I enjoy watching ice hockey and football. I used to play basketball, so enjoy a pick up game in the driveway when the occasion arises.

6 – What is your favorite song to dance around to?

Anything country.

7 – What do you do as a volunteer for Magnificent Mutts Rescue?

Anything I am available to do. Mostly, I assist with the holiday adaption events at EACC. As of now, I have been assisting with requesting, gathering and compiling donations for our Bowling Fundraiser. And then following the event will write thank you cards to all those that support our cause.