National Pet Dental Health Month!

It’s time to remind you that it’s National Pet Dental Health Month! There are so many ways that one can keep their pet’s teeth healthy and clean. American Veterinary Medical Association provides helpful tips and instructional videos that implement various techniques. Need something to do while you are avoiding the cold, indoors? Feel free to peruse their article.

Did you know that there are products on the market that do a great job of keeping your pet’s teeth clean? Some are as simple as chewable bones and toys. Twix loves those sort of gizmos. He is a young and playful pup with a lot of energy so those are a wonderful way to keep him preoccupied and healthy, all at the same time. Being young, he still needs some manner training but, he does listen well with redirection. So what do you say? Can you provide this fur-iendly fella with a warm and loving home?

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