Poison prevention is not only important for your kids but for your pets as well! There are so many chemicals in arm’s reach, hidden or otherwise; most of which can be very dangerous and possibly fatal to your four-legged friends.

All Pets Medical Center provides some prevention tips, products to avoid, as well as how to recognize an emergency situation when you see one.

Every pet is different. Some pets are cautious and used to a calm, quiet home, like Jack. He is SO sweet and is a very loving Lap Cat. But others are curious kitties. Jack is a little bit of both. He does not always proceed with caution and likes to explore. He will even wind up on top of the refrigerator. So be sure to study up on those preventive measures so that one day he isn’t playing with those chemically infused bottles, like toys. Jack needs a low-stress home — one with routines and few changes. Can you provide that kind of lifestyle for him?

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