Have you heard the news? Humane Society International (HIS) just closed down the 14th dog meat market in South Korea. Hundreds of dogs were rescued. We were proud to help in the effort to bring 80 dogs to the Midwest and take 20 dogs into our rescue on February 19th.


Farm #14 included a lot of smaller dogs that were part of a puppy mill that was used to breed dogs for family pets. They lived in deplorable conditions but now are free to live a better life. Welcome to America!

We need your help. Monetary donations are desperately needed. These dogs have many medical needs to attend to such as heart worm and spay/neuter, not to mention need a good bath and grooming (thanks to the groomers who stepped up to give a free spa treatment!). All of these dogs will require long-term foster care to help them become wonderful pets. They are frighten but settling in. We are also in need of high quality small bite dog food and piddle pads. These types of donations can be dropped off at the Elmhurst Animal Care Center.

Can’t donate? Consider opening your home to one of these dogs. Become a foster today and change a life forever. Please fill out our foster application to start the process.

Meet Frankie! Our best guess is that she is about 5 years old. She has two grade-4 luxating patellas that will require surgery by a specialist so that she will be able to walk normally. This was likely caused by poor breeding. She also appears to be blind. Her right eye is completely malformed. Her left eye has a lot of corneal pigmentation and she is not reacting to light. To top this off she is also heart worm positive! Frankie deserves a better future and we plan to make that happen. Please consider a donation to help pay for Frankie’s medical expenses. Stay tuned for updates on this special girl.

We want to thank everyone who supported this effort. The outpouring has been wonderful. Please watch our website or Facebook pages for additional updates. The team is tired but in a wonderful way. Busy but rewarding week.

Last but not least a big thank you to all the media partners who came out to cover the story.

WLS Channel 7


WGN (find link)

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