Julie needs your help!


Meet Julie, one of our Magnificent 10 from South Korea.


Like the other dogs saved from a Korean meat farm, Julie has a heartbreaking background. However, she has made a lot of progress thanks to Curtis Scott Dog Training. She has also done some great socializing at the vet (and playing with her furry friends) and is now ready for real life in a home. We are looking for someone with an open heart and a willingness to show her kindness and patience.


  • The perfect household for Julie would include 1 or 2 confident dogs that can help guide her and teach her.
  • In addition, a quiet household with a fenced yard and older children would be best for this wonderful gal.
  • Finally, the ideal family for Julie would have the time and the love to devote to helping her thrive in her new home.


Please help us find her forever home so she can start her new life. Foster to adopt available.