June 2024

This series is dedicated to helping our community get to know the dedicated and selfless human beings that keep Magnificent Mutts Rescue running.

If you’ve watched any of our recent appearances on TV then you’ve seen this ray of sunshine sharing our mission to help those who can’t help themselves.  Cali is our Social Media Coordinator, but her work doesn’t stop there!!  She also fosters and helps with intake!! How does she do it all?  With a smile on her face – that’s how! 

Meet Cali Havelka-Vanderplow!

  1. How long have you been with Magnificent Mutts? 3 years
  2. As a volunteer, what do you do for MM?  I am our social media coordinator, started that in October. That’s being one of the volunteers who responds to Instagram as well as posts on Instagram, shares those to Facebook, and posts TikTok’s for Magnificent Mutts. I also take pictures at events of available pups and family photos. Lastly I am part of intake where the pups come in and are vetted and pictures taken etc. a lot goes into intake! 
  3. What is your favorite or most memorable MM experience or story? My favorite experience would be the two plane missions I’ve been a part of, it chokes me up when I think of them… it was just so powerful and incredibly special to be a part of. Also our partnership events! They are always fun to be at because we get to work with other selfless individuals who simply want to give back and help our rescue! 
  4. What is your favorite dog breed or dog type? My favorite breed is a Bernese Mountain Dog! SHOUTOUT BENTLEY!!!!
  5. What are your hobbies or what do you like to do for fun? I played soccer from age 3-getting my MBA at Lewis, play in a adult league now when my former teammates can get together (on a break right now), I also play indoor and now outdoor volleyball with Linda’s two sons who have warmly welcomed me into their friend group! ALSO AN AVID BINGO-er and will boo you if you get it before me! 
  6. What advice would you give adopters? I’d say two things, understand the uniqueness we saw in you to be selected to meet with a dog. Understand when you don’t show it goes far beyond just not showing… I think sometimes the work and love each volunteer offers willingly to prepare these dogs for a forever family and show them a new life can go unnoticed when people forget social media is a highlight reel. Always be kind and patient, we have all been in a place before where we wish someone had shown us a little more of that! 
  7. What is something about Magnificent Mutts that you want people to know? Magnificent Mutts solely functions based on fosters and volunteers, so when we say we need more of them or urgently look for help it’s because it’s what continues to bring second chances to so many dogs still in need. We are a nonprofit, I think it’s important people remember the differences in being able to accept funds and different attentions we may grab, but we are equally important if not more because the success we bring comes from word of mouth, opportunities we don’t always get to come by, and donations of so many who know or don’t know us but want to help. 
  8. Tell us your favorites…
  • Artist, or type of music: Zach Bryan or Shania Twain
  • TV show or movie: TV show- The Night Agent-
  • Food: ALL, will always say yes to food
  • Sport or sports team:  Cubs, USWNT