Hi everyone ! Just giving you an update on Shila. She’s turned into a real Velcro type dog – no matter how many times I get up to do things, she’s right behind me. Gets upset on days I can’t take her to work but she has Paul (husband) to keep her company since he’s retired.

Her coat is growing in nicely and we are slowly but surely putting some weight on her. Her injured leg doesn’t keep this girl down – she runs like the wind! Met her doggie cousin, Roo yesterday and let me tell you – she is fast!!! They had so much fun together running in the yard.

She is awesome – doesn’t need to be crated at all , though last night I found her sleeping in her crate – first time I’ve seen her do that. She needs a smidge of training with Stay but otherwise no complaints. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog and just love her so much!

Bernie Hetman