Tytus (Fka. Baby boy)

The best thing that has happened to me. In a prior post, (Jan. 2011) I said that Tytus had enriched my life. He is still by my side, the best companion I could have ever asked for! He is almost 4 years old now, I have had him since he was 4 weeks old. Still active as ever, loves snow, playing fetch with squeaky tennis balls and going to Petco with me. He knows that when I say “wanna go to Petco?” It means he gets treats and love from all the associates and customers. He also loves his “spa” days there. He gets so excited, he stands by the front door whimpering until you let him out, then he stands by the door of the car or truck waiting to jump in and go. Recently, I have went through some medical issues and he has been there every step of the way and made it easier for me to recover from two surgeries and chemo treatments! I couldn’t ask for a better companion in my life. He sleeps in my bed with me every night and cuddles right in when he knows when I don’t feel well.

He is spoiled rotten, (see picture of him with all his toys), still chews up the tissues in the bathroom garbage occasionally. He’s sneaky like that though and I just laugh because I’m home when he does it! I can’t thank Mag mutts and their staff enough for what I have gained from this little, well big, bundle of joy!!image-717409 image-714600 image-711106