Magnificent Mutts & Meows Cat Adoption Applications

We realize there are a lot of questions to answer. Please understand they are all for the best interests of yourself and the pet for which you are applying. Please take the time to carefully read and complete the following questions, which are designed to assist with placing our pets in the correct environment for their personality and needs. It is our intention to place animals with individuals or families who will consider them an important part of their lives. We wish for the pet and the adoptive family alike to be content with the decision, and want it to result in a permanent placement.

We do receive many applications each day, so please be patient. If someone has not contacted you in 72 hours, feel free to email. Calling does delay the process as the applications are sent to our Director of Adoption Applications, which is not the listed number of our rescue.

Thank you for your understanding.

(If you would prefer, you can download a Microsoft Word Adoption Application to complete and send as an attachment via email. Please enter the Pet Name or Adoption in the subject line of the email.)

Rules and Disclosures

As a potential adopter, please thoroughly read the following Rules and Disclosures. Please note that entering your name to this application signifies your acknowledgement and agreement to following Rules and Disclosures.

  • Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue requires all members of your family to be present at adoption.
  • Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue requires the purchase of a collar before taking possession of the cat.
  • Any monies paid (CASH ONLY) to Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue are considered a donation to provide care for this and other homeless pets and are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue makes every effort to assure that the animal you receive is healthy. We do this by having each pet examined by our vet, and having it de-wormed and vaccinated against communicable diseases (including parvo virus, distemper and kennel cough.) Occasionally, a pet may not show symptoms of an illness until after he is adopted, as most illnesses have an incubation period of 17-21 days. This is completely unavoidable and occurs not only in shelter/rescue type settings, but also with pet stores, breeders, and any environment where there are a number of animals present at any given time. We require that your new pet be re-examined by a vet within 7 days after the adoption for yours and the pet’s best interests. A voucher for a free exam with one of our participating veterinarians will be enclosed in your adoption packet. If you choose to visit a non-participating veterinarian, you will be responsible for all medical expenses incurred.
  • Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue strives for appropriate matches of cats and adoptive families based on assessment of the animals’ temperaments (to the extent that may be judged by our representatives) as well as on careful evaluation of potential adopters and the living conditions they will be able to offer a cat.
  • Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue has the right to approve or deny the adoption application. This application is used as part of the adoption approval process in order to determine the best home for the animal. Not under any circumstances will any cat be used in any type of fighting or illegal activity, nor shall it be kept with the intention of promoting aggressiveness or for breeding.
  • The completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption. I understand that Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue will contact me if I am approved.

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