April 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Mimi Stauffer

1. What inspired you to start volunteering with Magnificent Mutts & Meows?

Almost 9 years ago I was looking for a volunteer activity for my then 14 year old son and I to do together. Our son really enjoyed cats and we owned 2 at the time. So when I came across an organization called PURRS (now Magnificent Mutts & Meows) seeking people to help clean and care for their cats, it seemed like a perfect fit. After about 3 years, I started helping with the weekly transport of cats needing to go for their spay and neutering procedures. At that time, I had never fostered before. But this is also when my fostering began and I’ve been doing it along with transport ever since.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a volunteer here?

I’ve met so many amazing people and feel incredibly blessed to be part of an outstanding team of volunteers. Whether it’s doing intake, driving a cat to the vet, daily care, fostering, or handling an adoption, everyone contributes where they can. It truly is a team effort! It’s great to be on a mission “to rescue and care for the abandoned, abused, or neglected dog or cat until we can find them a forever home” with so many others just like myself.

3. Why would you recommend someone volunteer in rescue?

There’s no greater feeling than knowing you made an impact in the life of a person or an animal. Shelters across the country are full of homeless, neglected, forgotten, and abandoned kitties (and dogs) that long for love and a home. If I can provide a foster home to comfort a cat whose life has been full of hardship and give them a chance at finding a home, it’s all worth it. And while I may have provided them with a stable environment, lots of love, attention, and affection, they have given me so much more.

4. Describe a memorable moment you had while volunteering.

I’ve had two “foster failures” resulting in 2 sweet orange tabbies. Caleb lives with our now college-aged son, and Charlie with my husband and I. Charlie, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. A little over 3 years ago, we lost the most amazing Mag Mutts & Meows volunteer. The time she gave, knowledge she contributed, and loving home she provided to so many cats far surpasses most of us. We were trying to re-home her cats, but didn’t have cage space at the stores. I was asked if I could foster one sweet orange cat just for the weekend until a cage opened up. A few days later I was asked to take him to a store. “Oh goodness” I said. “Can I keep him just a couple more days”? Long story short, a few days turned to a few weeks, which turned into a few months, and it’s now been over three years since we adopted Charlie.

5. Are you a cat or dog person?

Both! We recently lost one of our cats, but still have Charlie and our dog Marlie.

6. Do you have a favorite breed?

While I don’t have a favorite breed, I do have a favorite color and that’s orange! Charlie and our dog Marlie are both orange. And I get a lot of orange fosters!

7. Do you have a favorite food?

Popcorn! Especially kettle corn, but in a pinch any will do!

8. What is your favorite song, type of music or band?

I really enjoy 70’s music. You will often find me listening to the “70’s on 7” on Sirius radio while I’m driving the cats to their appointments. I may even sing along if my favorite artist Elton John is on. The cats are usually not too impressed!

9. Do you have a favorite vacation spot or vacation memory?

Ironically, I was on vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona when I received the email that I had been nominated for this. Scottsdale, Siesta Key Florida, and Cabo San Lucas are our favorite vacation destinations.

10. What was the last movie you watched? Or what is your favorite TV show and why?

Tuesday evenings you can find me watching  my favorite TV show “This is Us”. The storylines and various situations are so real and relatable to families today. The writing is beautiful and the actors are perfect in their respective roles.