man training dog

Training is important for the well being of a dog and their owner, especially for rescue dogs who often come from circumstances where they have had little to no training. Training can also be a great bonding experience and a good way to exercise your dogs brain too!

Here are a few activities you can do this month to learn more about dog training or to help support dog training education for others.

( 1 ) Go to a dog training class
Training with a professional trainer in a group setting is the best type of training education out there. We highly recommend Derrick Rollerson at Elmhurst Animal Care Center! 

( 2 ) Sponsor training for a Magnificent Mutts Foster
Many of the dogs we rescue come from unfortunate circumstances and haven’t had someone to give them the attention and training they need to be their best selves. This month, consider donating $250 to help cover the cost of training for one of our foster pups so we can set them up for success and give them a better chance at finding their forever home.

( 3 ) Educate yourself more about dog training
Be sure to consult professional resources, and here are a few we recommend:

Training Tips and Resources

Choosing a Trainer 

Behavioral Training

Obedience Training

Socialization Training