On Saturday, December 2nd, nonprofit pet transport charity Wings of Rescue and a coalition of animal welfare groups including Magnificent Mutts, came together under emergency conditions to airlift over 130 at-risk dogs and cats from the Caribbean-Island of Dominica to rescue groups in the U.S..

We know there are many pets here at home that need our help, including the ones currently in our foster care, but we could not stand by and not help these poor babies. Our organization planned so that no existing rescues would be displaced, and incoming pets-in-need could get the care they needed to have the best chance at finding their forever home.

The rescue mission was critical as the only animal shelter on the island nation, St. Nicholas Animal Rescue, was forced to shut down in the wake of conflicts it’s neighborhoods and the number of incidents where people broke in and harmed the animals. Without a new home to move to, many pets would have been euthanized or put back on the street where they would face more unimaginable cruelty. Though many dedicated volunteers are doing everything they can to save local pets, dogs and cats are routinely beaten, tortured, poisoned and otherwise abused on the island. 

“More than 85% of the animals we rescue are a result of human-inflicted injuries! Dog-fighting rings. . . and people here poison dogs for fun without consequence. It is a very, very desperate and sad situation.”

Dr. Golnaz Naderkhani, the physician who opened Dominica’s first and only animal rescue

Magnificent Mutts took in 9 sweet pups from this rescue who are now in foster care and getting ready to find their forever homes. They are getting use to the cold weather but that pales in comparison to the fact these babies are finally feeling safe and rested, some for the first time in their lives.

Check our Facebook Page and our available rescues on our website to meet these pups and learn more about them.

Please consider donating to Magnificent Mutts this holiday season to help us care for these pups and continue to say yes to rescue efforts like these.