July 2020 Volunteer of the Month

Jen Fowler

1. What inspired you to start volunteering with Magnificent Mutts & Meows?

I was sad about my parents moving to Texas, and was looking for a positive change in my life. Each Friday I would stop by PetSmart for cat food, and always saw the evening volunteer with the cats out. I was jealous she got to play with them all, and then one day there was a sign asking for volunteers… it was perfect timing!

2. What is your favorite thing about being a volunteer here?

All the lovely cats and people I have met. Being out of school, and working full time, it’s hard to make new friends and this is a great way to meet like-minded individuals.

3. Why would you recommend someone volunteer in rescue?

How rewarding it is. I always look forward to my shift, because it’s my pick-me-up. I get to play and cuddle each kitty, and more importantly, help them find loving homes. To see someone find their new best friend is truly heartwarming.
4. Describe a memorable moment you had while volunteering.

One of my first shifts, Jiffy and Skippy’s cage didn’t fully lock. I was bent down cleaning a cage below, and felt a pitter patter on my back. I was mortified to see them casually walking down the aisle. Even more embarrassing, Dina had to be there that night. I was panicked, but she calmly helped me scoop up the cats, and put them away. PHEW! Lesson learned—always check the door TWICE!

5. Are you a cat or dog person?

I love both, but I’ve always been a cat lady.

6. Do you have a favorite breed?

7. Why would you recommend someone adopt?

Don’t support puppy and kitty mills, you can literally save a life adopting.
8. What kind of work or hobbies do you do outside of rescue?

I love mini-golf. Can’t wait for it to be safe to play again!.

9. Do you have a favorite food?

Hands down, BBQ is my favorite.

10. What is your favorite song, type of music or band?

My favorite band is Tool, they put on an amazing performance live.