April 2024

Meet Aubree Hope Latelle

For those who don’t know, this adorable 6 year old is Magnificent Mutts founder Linda Latelle’s granddaughter.

Aubree has Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic neurological disorder. Rett Syndrome has robbed Aubree of her ability to walk, talk, purposefully use her hands and has contributed to the onset of seizures, breathing abnormalities and eating difficulties requiring a feeding tube. This brave little girl is a true warrior with her disability and takes everything that is thrown at her with incredible grace and the most infectious smile.

Fun Facts About Aubree

  • Her favorite dog is her family dog Pharoah
  • She LOVES music
  • Her favorite movie and princess is Cinderella

Aubree’s diagnosis is unfortunately incurable and progressive in nature, therefore as Aubree continues to grow, her lack of mobility and impaired communication has posed a threat to the family’s physical and financial capacity to continue to care for her in their current housing environment.

As you can imagine, the medical and care costs for Aubree are astronomical and insurance covers very little. With with little to no other means of assistance the Family has turned to raising funds yearly to help. They are currently raising funds to renovate their home to include an elevator and handicap accessible bathroom for Aubree.

As part of the Magnificent Mutts community, we wanted to raise awareness about Aubree’s plight and the upcoming fundraiser for her family. Please see more information below and consider attending, donating, or sponsoring. Thank you!

Aubree’s Hope Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser

Saturday June 22, 2024