This beautiful blind german shephard girl was left out in the cold, on a chain, and with no food. Neighbors grew more and more concerned as the temperature kept dropping. A concerned citizen even brought a doghouse to the property to help this poor soul. She was left alone, cold, and frightened. Her previous owner didn’t even have the decency to give her a name. Finally, the owner reliquished her to an organization in the area, and then arranged her transport to us here at Magnificent Mutts.

We are relieved that she is now out of the cold and in the warm and loving care of Magnificent Mutts. If you would like to donate to Keller’s vetting, food, or other doggie comforts, please click on the Donate button at the top of the page. We thank you for having a heart this Valentine’s Day.

Before Rescue…


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Rescue Day! Hooray!

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