May 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Olivia Palacios

1. What inspired you to start volunteering with Magnificent Mutts & Meows?

I was inspired to start volunteering with Magnificent Mutts & Meows because I saw how dedicated the whole team was when bringing in animals to Elmhurst Animal Care Center. Seeing how many dogs needed a warm home inspired me to help give them a family.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a volunteer here?

My favorite thing about being a volunteer here is the people that I work with. Everyone is dedicated to the same mission and is always willing to help others.

3. Why would you recommend someone volunteer in rescue?

I would recommend someone to volunteer in rescue because you are able to give these dogs love and a new life, you get to help them transform into their best self and I think it’s wonderful.
4. Describe a memorable moment you had while volunteering.

A memorable moment I had while volunteering was when I was given a foster who was so shy and scared of everything. She would not move or make any noise. She didn’t know what love was. After two weeks, she was like a brand new dog. She loved to play and run outside without fearing anything. I felt so proud, knowing that she could go to her forever home and live this amazing life.

5. Are you a cat or dog person?

I am both a dog and cat person! I have 1 cat and 2 dogs.

6. Do you have a favorite breed?

My favorite breed has to be German Shepherds.

7. Why would you recommend someone adopt?

I recommend that someone adopts because these dogs were given another chance. They are all so loving and special. With a lot of these dogs, you can tell how grateful they are that they now have a warm home and lots of food.

8. What kind of work or hobbies do you do outside of rescue?

Outside of rescue, I play tennis for my school and love to read.

9. Do you have a favorite food?

My favorite food is pasta.
10. What is your favorite song, type of music or band?

I love all kinds of music!

11. Do you have a favorite vacation spot or vacation memory?

A favorite vacation spot of mine is in Florida. It is a smaller city with the most amazing beach and piers.

. What was the last movie you watched? Or what is your favorite TV show and why?

The last movie I watched was “Enola Holmes.”

13. Feel free to tell us something about yourself you would like others to know.

I have loved animals my whole life and plan to become a veterinarian.