Austin Jones!  September’s Volunteer of the month!


1. How do you help the rescue?

I take care of my foster dogs. I play with them and snuggle them.

2. What are your favorite songs?

“ABCD”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Penguin, Penguin”, and “Chameleon, Chameleon” (“Penguin,

Penguin” and “Chameleon, Chameleon” are his own creations)

3. Do you like dogs or cats more?

Dogs and cats

4. Why do you like helping animals?

Because I like them and I love them.

5. What are your favorite colors?

Red and Orange

6. Why would you tell somebody that they should adopt a pet?

Because they want to go to a new home.

7. What pets do you currently have?

Lexi (cat), Jake, Mali, Kai, Rayne, and Hayley (dogs), and Mr. Hug (betta)

8. What is your favorite game?

Paw Patrol

9. Where do you like going for fun?

I like going to Chick-Fil-A and the playground.