Help unlock our donation!

$20.00 for 7 minutes of your time! It’s easy!
Please write a review for any kind of software program you use at work or even have in the past… it’s FREE for you to do so and for every review G2 Crowd will donate $10 PLUS there is a $10 match donation. 100% of proceeds go to Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue. 🐶 Please participate and then don’t forget to share!


G2 Gives-­‐ $10 per software review for Magnificent Mutts and Meows

G2 Crowd is the largest B2B software review site used by 1.5 million technology buyers per
month to make software purchase decisions. They are sponsoring Magnificent Mutts through
their G2 Gives initiative by donating $10 per review written on business software.

  2. ‘What is your role?’-­‐ click on your role or past role or other if you don’t have one
  3. Choose from one of the software system or platforms-­‐ over 81,000 to choose from-­‐Examples include google drive, skype, box, SAP, Windows 10, android, iOs etc. If you don’t see one you want to review, scroll down and you can do a search
  4. Either sign in with LinkedIn OR sign in with a business email. They do this to verify you are a real person leaving an unbiased review!
  5. Answer a few questions!!! After you answer it asks you a couple validating questions like the company you work or volunteer for. Sometimes there is a section about uploading a screen shot to validate but you can completely skip that part and submit! There are addition questions on the second page if you want to continue to answer but it isn’t necessary for the donation! You can also make your review anonymous by checking the boxes above the SUBMIT button

***After you submit you can hit no thanks at the bottom about posting on Linkedin and it should take you to a page that says you donated to Mag Mutts! If you do not see this please text or email me at 312-­‐505-­‐2215 or and I will make sure your review gets a donation***

This is a very easy way for Magnificent Mutts to raise money and if we get enough reviews, we will get a 100% match from the Cofounder and Chairman of G2 Crowd. If anyone needs help feel free to text, email or call Rachel anytime-­‐312-­‐505-­‐2215

This fundraiser is only open until June 30th.