January 2024

This series is dedicated to helping our community get to know the dedicated and selfless human beings that keep Magnificent Mutts Rescue running.

Meet Susan Berger!

1) How long have you been with Magnificent Mutts?

It will be two years in March 2024.

2) As a volunteer, what do you do for Magnificent Mutts?

I’m a foster grandma. I foster all types of dogs until they’re adopted, usually 2 at a time.

3) What is your favorite or most memorable Magnificent Mutts experience or story?

I remember my first foster. He was a Great Pyrenees named Zeus. I didn’t expect such a big dog but he was great!  There are so many others too hard to pick the best!

4)  What is your favorite dog breed or dog type?

I love the big dogs and bull dog type. If and when I get a dog if my own I’d like it to be a midsized dog so I can handle them.

5) What advice would you give potential fosters?

It’s not always easy but very gratifying when that scared pup finally comes to you for a pet. They are all different and you need patience.

6) What advice would you give adopters?

Us fosters do our best to prepare your new fur buddy for their new home but sometimes it still takes them time to get used to their new surroundings so give them space and time to adjust.

7) What are your hobbies or what do you like to do for fun?

My family!  I have two little granddaughters that I babysit every week. Love having them around and spending time with them and the rest of my family.

8) Tell us your favorite…
– song, artist, or type of music: The oldies
– food: Shrimp
– sport/sports team: White Sox

9) What is a random fun fact about you OR is there anything more about yourself you want to share with the community?

I retired almost 5 years ago and love it. It gives me the opportunity to foster and spend time with my grandchildren.