November 2023

This series is dedicated to helping our community get to know the dedicated and selfless human beings that keep Magnificent Mutts Rescue running.

Meet Kristy!

1) How long have you been with Magnificent Mutts?  

I have been a volunteer for Magnificent Mutts for almost 5 years.  I have fostered with other rescues but found that Mag Mutts is by far the BEST.  I love what they stand for.  We are a family!!

2) As a volunteer, what do you do for MM? 

When it comes to volunteering, I help with fostering puppies, helping at in person adoption events with set up handling dog/puppies to meet their potential new families.  Taking new family photos when needed, scanning the chips on the dogs to ensure all numbers are matching up with paperwork and help with adoption paperwork as needed.  

After events on Saturday I help with transport of new arrivals to the Magnificent Mutts Rescue.  I set up pens and crates for their arrival, getting food and water ready, and upon their arrival bathing as needed.  I will assemble items needed (food, puppy pads, crates, leashes…)for the foster family’s to come pick up their new pets.

We all wear many hats to ensure a smooth arrival and we have a great team always willing to help.

3) What is your favorite or most memorable MM experience or story?

The best experience has been working with all the volunteers and meeting the new families.  Nothing is better than knowing your puppy/dog has the right fit for a happy life.  There have been a few occasions over the years that I have had tears letting my foster go. 

 The most rewarding is when I have puppies that are so shutdown and after a day or 2 you see a tail wag and you get a kiss.  They realize they are safe and you are there to take care of them.  It is the BEST!!

4)  What is your favorite dog breed or dog type?

My favorite breeds would be a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Pitty.  I currently have both and a Shepard mix.  My berner Bentley is my 3rd one and my other 2 are foster failures.  

5) What advice would you give potential fosters?

Be patient and let the dogs/puppies decompress.  We don’t always know their stories.  They need time to adjust and trust.  They are desperate to know LOVE.

6) What advice would you give adopters?

To be patient with them and allow for them to adjust.  To stay with their regular routine and slowly adjust things as needed.  Make them feel as comfortable as possible and love them no matter what.

7) What are your hobbies or what do you like to do for fun?

I love to watch my younger daughter play sports.  She played collegiate D2 soccer.  She still plays even though she has graduated with some teammates for fun as well as playing sand volleyball with a great group of people. I love sports and l am a huge fan of college football.  I am very competitive.

Family is everything to me and enjoy doing things together. I have a small group of friends but enjoy going to dinner and chatting over a glass of wine.

8) Tell us your favorite…

– Type of Music: Country Music

– Food: Many types of food as long as they are not too spicy

– Sport/sports team: I love watching college football, my favorite team is Notre Dame but I have others I follow as well.  

9) What is a random fun fact about you?

I enjoy doing crazy silly things that are unexpected.