With Thanksgiving here already we would like to take a moment to thank our supporters. Whether you are a volunteer, a foster parent or have adopted from our rescue. It is easy to love animals but it can definitely have it’s challenges as well: Potty training, medications in the middle of the night, de-stuffed plush toys and stuffing everywhere and/or astronomical vet bills. It can be a challenge at times, but it is all worth it when you come home tired at night to unconditional and unwavering love and affection. We thank you for allowing our alumni into your family, but most of all we thank you for giving them a chance to love and be loved. Thank you for the scooping of the litter boxes/or the picking up after your dog, the 6AM walks during Chicago winters and the many, many efforts to stop your dog from eating unrecognizable objects outside. Thank you because when you decided to adopt you gave them a second chance. Thank you for allowing us to keep doing what we love and thank you for showing us that there is light in a world that can often be so dark towards animals. Please know that you matter and that we are grateful to have you as our supporters each and every day.