July 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Jada DeJesus

1. What Inspired you to start fostering with Magnificent Mutts & Meows?

Aside from my love of all animals, I felt a piece of my life was missing without a dog since I’ve always lived with them. That, with the combination of knowing how many dogs are in need of help, made fostering the best option! I was able to fulfill my love of dogs while also helping so many of them find their furever homes! 

2. Describe a funny or memorable foster moment.

A memorable foster moment was when Leia, a sweet but extremely shy and frighted Great Pyrenees mix, absolutely terrified me around 2am one night standing right next to my bed watching me while I was sleeping. Turns out the breed is nocturnal! And this was her way of being playful. After 8 am she went back to being shy and frightened, which was so weird! 

3. What is the most challenging thing about fostering for you?

The most challenging thing about fostering is the sense of protection I get with every foster. When I’m told they are getting adopted, even if I only know them for a short time period, I immediately want to do a background check on adoptees! But then I remember there are wonderfully skilled people at Magnificent Mutts who process adoptions and out of every foster I’ve had, all of them have gone to wonderful homes. 

4. What is the most rewarding thing about fostering for you?

The most rewarding thing about fostering would have to be two parts: first, when my new foster starts to warm up to me, it absolutely melts my heart. Especially if they came from a bad situation. And second, when I get those post adoption photos of my foster the first couple weeks after being adopted! Knowing they are well loved and part of a family is so rewarding! 

5. Do you have any advice or tips for people considering fostering or are new to fostering?

Do it!! Do it! Do it!! And remember that as much as you may love this temporary member of your family, your job as a foster and helping to rescue multiple dogs is the most important role! As for any attachment concerns some people have, I promise once you get those first few photos of your foster post adoption, you’ll remember why you do it! 

6. Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog person. But I own a cat, who thinks he’s a dog! He gets along suspiciously well with all my fosters.

7. Do  you have a favorite breed? 

I love all animals! But growing up we had a Min Pin , and as an adult Ive always found the normal sized Pinschers to be beautiful.

8. What kind of work and/or hobbies do you do outside of fostering?

Im a private tutor for kids and when I’m not flipping fractions, I love spending the day on the beach with a nice set up including drinks and a picnic.

9. What is your favorite food?

Artichoke Cheese Dip from Pizza Parlor in West Town in Chicago.

10. What food won’t you eat and why?

Seafood!!! Not only do I not like the taste but I’m allergic so it works out perfectly.

11. What song or band is your jam these days? 

Willow! Aka Willow Smith. Or Sinead Harnett.

12. What kind of shows, podcasts or books are you into? 

I love shows with suspense and drama. Comedy is definitely required of most. Same goes for books, especially if there’s an air of romance to them. 

13. Are you into sports and if so, which ones and what is your favorite team? 

I like the White Sox!

14. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  

I would go to Thailand! They run some pretty beautiful animal sanctuaries out there I would love to experience. 

15. Do you have any fun family traditions? 

Puzzles! We like to do puzzles randomly throughout the year. 

16. How do you relax, unwind, and recharge? 

Watching tv, reading a book, building a scale model or something is my newest relaxing craft.

17. On a day off with no responsibilities, what would we find you doing?

Sleeping, playing with Odin (my cat), and adding to my 30+ plants.