It’s heartbreaking when any animal loses their home, but an aging or senior pet may have a harder time finding another one. While we don’t always know the unfortunate circumstances that led an older pet to the shelter, Magnificent Mutts & Meows Rescue and our friends at  The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center, aim to change their luck by advocating for the wonderful seniors we have for adoption in our community. When a caring individual makes the choice to adopt a senior pet, they are selflessly giving to an animal in need – and the rewards are endless.

Quality of Life

A homeless senior pet who enters a shelter faces a huge (and possibly insurmountable) adjustment. Chances are, they experienced the aging process in their previously quiet and comfortable home. The loud, jarring noises and smells of a shelter or rescue can be particularly upsetting to an older pet who misses their home and owner.

Just Like Home

To a senior pet, nothing is more helpful or soothing than a loving forever home. Free to roam instead of being confined to a cage or kennel, a senior pet can relax and show their true personality. For those who choose to adopt a pet, this can be one of the most satisfying experiences. Once that guard comes down, a sweet, loving companionship can blossom.


Some senior pets have special needs or age-related health conditions, such as arthritis. Even with the shelter numbers skyrocketing, senior pets are still often overlooked. Most homeless seniors just need a soft lap to curl up with or a kind face to gaze into. They may be in the last chapters of their life, but that doesn’t mean they have less love to give. We partner and recommend exams specifically tailored to senior health from the Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center. Their team of veterinarians will help determine the best recommendations for keeping your new senior happy and comfortable in their golden years.

Support all Senior Pets

We rely on donations, and volunteers to help our furry friends find their foster as well as forever homes. Even if you are not ready to adopt a senior pet, there are many ways you can pass on the love. We partner with Elmhurst Animal Care Center, to hold events that support our costs and efforts for adoption and fostering in our community. Be sure to check out what is coming up on our calendar.


We hope you’ll let us know if you have questions or concerns. If you think you’d like to foster or adopt a senior pet, we’d love to chat with you!